20 days to Adobe Max

Less than a month and Adobe Max will start!

For me will be the second time at this event, the first one was a magic week in Las Vegas, but this year Max appears better and with a lots of activities, not only during the event, but also in the evening and other days!
More way to share own ideas or skills with other developer or designer, there will be a great relax area: AIR park!

So this year I’ll take part of a pre-event session on AIR and I’m sure that is a great opportunity to grow own skills on this technology.
In my Max schedule I’ll take part of a lots of Flex and AIR seminars, I see that there are more seminars about those technologies and this is another signal of Adobe believe in those technologies and which is future impact in the global market and in developer world.

20 days to Max…what a great event!!!


E-learning on Adobe AIR

Next week, 18th July, I’ll do an e-learning on Adobe AIR technology in Italian with Jaco PixelDump on Actionscript.it.
E-learning starts at 3PM to 4PM and we’ll talk about:
. introduction at Adobe AIR
. how to begin with AIR development
. Adobe AIR API
. prepare an .air files
. example of Native Drag&Drop

To partecipate at the event you can submit your email at actionscript.it event page.

Zinc gamedev contest

Multidmedia launches a game development contest for the best game produces with Flash (or Flex) and Zinc.
You must submit an entire game or a game level which provides a creative and enjoyable gaming experience on the Desktop.
Prizes are a Sony PSP or Flash Software Goodie Bag worth over $1000, with contributions from Electric Rain, Sorenson Media, SitePal, FlashLoaded, Amayeta, PageFlip, Wildform and Blue Pacific.

Entries will close 20th August!

You can find more information in Multidmedia site.

AIR seminar… great day!

This morning I present Adobe AIR technology in Let’s course traning center in Padova.
There were 15 people from all Veneto (Italian region), we talked about AIR power, new features, the technology future and so on.
To see some pictures about the event you can navigate Let’s course blog.

A great moment of aggregation, you found from Desktop Publishing Guru to Multimedia developers, I hope in future to repeat it.

Flash on the beach…see you in November

I’ve just signed in Flash on the beach in Brighton!
So next November I’ll go to Brighton to see this important event.
Few names to understand what a big event is: Hillman Curtis, Joshua Davis, Joey Lott, Richard Leggett, Aral Balkan and so on!
Pre-seminars are all sold out, this is the first year that FOTB organizes this seminars and there are two interesting arguments: OOP with Flex and AS3 and Flash Games!

I hope to see a lots of friendly people there… now we will wait seminars title and arguments… stay tuned guys

AIR seminar

Next week, 7 July, at Let’s course headoffice (via Croce Rossa 112 – Padova – Italy), I’ll present AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime).
In this FREE seminar we will see AIR power, AIR API and some examples.
We will see how to create a file .air, what developers will train to become AIR developers too.

It begins at 9.30 AM to 12.30 AM and then, if you want, we could take a spritz or a beer togheter.
To subscribe you must send an email to info@letscourse.com with subject “AIR seminar”.

Road to Max 2007

Yesterday went out Max session in Chicago event, sessions are so interesting in particular for AIR and Flex development!
I think that will be a GREAT MAX! I think that I’ll go for pre-conference session also because I see an AIR session… I love AIR!

Agenda isn’t complete so in next few days we could new session in particular mobile sessione because there is only one at the moment, but Bill Perry, in his blog, says that there is no problem and there will be new mobile session!

This year we will see design seminar on photoshop and so on… I think there will be a lots of people!

Finally, I’d like to congratulate with Matt Politt (UK MaD Manager) and Giorgio Natili (IT MaD Manager) for the first time at Max like speaker!
Congratulations guys!

Italian Adobe Live 07

Hi all, I’ve just came back in my hotel room in Milan after first Day of Adobe Live 07 Italy version!
Seminars are much entry levels, they talk about new CS 3 in rapid way and more for designers than developers, but there were a lots of people there.

I think that is a market events and not an event for designers and developers or better not for developers

Tomorrow I’ll come back in Datch Forum in Assago (Milan – Italy) and seminars aren’t so interesting, but I’ll stay all time at actionscript.it stand to illustrate our community and events.

If you’ll come tomorrow, say me “Hello Mezzalab!”.

ReMix in Milan – first day

First day at ReMix has been so interesting, location is Microsoft Italian office in Segrate (Milano) and it is so cool.
In the beginning there was a general session where some Microsoft UK people showed the new Expression Studio.
Expression studio is composed by 4 softwares, the most powerful and interesting is Blend (we also viewed a preview of Blend 2).

In fact with Blend we use a visual IDE to create XAML and interactivity of WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).
I found some powerful features in this product:
. video integration, we can view HD video over 1200 px width!
. data loaded are so light for the software and it can use massive datas and the app runs very well.
. visual data binding, in fact a designer can load XML or .Net script and visualize values and assign to design object.
For example, if in an XML we have an attributes with exadecimal value, with Blend we can visually transform it from a string to a colour object…amazing!
. 3D animation runs very speed and you can interact with them

Tomorrow I’ll have a most technical session on this technology, I’ll report it there… stay tuned!