New AIR resource: IRC Channel

Apollocoders group starts with a new resource for AIR: an IRC Channel.
So we could share our experience, suggests resource and ideas, I think a goos idea!

This channel starts today in morning, I’m there with nickname mezzalab, my favourite community nick!
I hope to talk there with a lot of new people.
See you soon and good holiday!

AIR extension for Flash CS3

Richard Galvan in his blog notify that in next days Adobe will release official extension of AIR for Flash CS3.
He don’t give us a date, but in his blog you can find some screenshoots about this argument.

So we’ll stay tuned with labs site!

AIR seminar… great day!

This morning I present Adobe AIR technology in Let’s course traning center in Padova.
There were 15 people from all Veneto (Italian region), we talked about AIR power, new features, the technology future and so on.
To see some pictures about the event you can navigate Let’s course blog.

A great moment of aggregation, you found from Desktop Publishing Guru to Multimedia developers, I hope in future to repeat it.

AIR seminar

Next week, 7 July, at Let’s course headoffice (via Croce Rossa 112 – Padova – Italy), I’ll present AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime).
In this FREE seminar we will see AIR power, AIR API and some examples.
We will see how to create a file .air, what developers will train to become AIR developers too.

It begins at 9.30 AM to 12.30 AM and then, if you want, we could take a spritz or a beer togheter.
To subscribe you must send an email to with subject “AIR seminar”.

Actionscript 3 library for MySql

In Mike Chambers’ blog I found a very interesting news about Actionscript 3 library for a direct connection with MySql.
The project name is asSql and it is in alpha version, but I think that we must keep in touch with it because it will be so useful resource.
Developer is Matt MacLean and you can find more information about him at his blog