ReMix in Milan – first day

First day at ReMix has been so interesting, location is Microsoft Italian office in Segrate (Milano) and it is so cool.
In the beginning there was a general session where some Microsoft UK people showed the new Expression Studio.
Expression studio is composed by 4 softwares, the most powerful and interesting is Blend (we also viewed a preview of Blend 2).

In fact with Blend we use a visual IDE to create XAML and interactivity of WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).
I found some powerful features in this product:
. video integration, we can view HD video over 1200 px width!
. data loaded are so light for the software and it can use massive datas and the app runs very well.
. visual data binding, in fact a designer can load XML or .Net script and visualize values and assign to design object.
For example, if in an XML we have an attributes with exadecimal value, with Blend we can visually transform it from a string to a colour object…amazing!
. 3D animation runs very speed and you can interact with them

Tomorrow I’ll have a most technical session on this technology, I’ll report it there… stay tuned!


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