Let’s course presents flash gaming course

On 15 May from 16.00 to 18.00, Let’s course presents Flash Gaming course, seminar will be totally free and it will be at Let’s course heaquarter (Via Croce Rossa 112 – Padova – Italy).

In this event we show course arguments, teachers and so on.
Also we present next courses and free event like PHP seminar.


ReMIX 2007 in Milan

Microsoft organizes ReMIX 2007 in Milan on 29th and 30th May.
Special guest is Forest Key that is the director of the core Web/Client UX Platform & Tools team at Microsoft Corp.

In this event we will see the latest news launched at Las Vegas MIX, like Silverlight or Expression Studio.

Event is totally free but you must register yourself.

I’ll go there to understand better what is silverlight and its powerfull features, then I promise to give you a post on the event!

Creativity Day in Milan

Another year and another Creativity Day!
Creativity Day will be on 18th May at Hotel Executive in Milan.

This is my first Creativity Day like speaker and, with my colleague Andrea Trento, we prepare an interesting seminar on Flash and creativity for mobile devices.

In seminar we take a look to use Flash Lite and Flash player on mobile devices and new generetion devices like Nintendo Wii or Sony PSP.

I hope to see you there!

Let’s course present new CS3

Let’s course, my traning center, will presents the new Adobe Creative Suite 3 on Friday 13th April in Padua (Italy).
Seminar will be completly free and during 4 hours more or less.

The relators are Tiziano Fruet and Luca Mezzalira

We will present Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator, to add at this event you send an email at: info@letscourse.com with object: “Seminario CS3”.

actionscript.it organize an event on Greece

Actionscript.it the italian Mobile and Device User Group organize on 25th April a great meeting on C++ and Flash Lite.

The seminar outline will be:
– Introduction to Symbian C++
– Major differences to classic C++ development
– Brief introduction to FlashLite
– FlashLite and the network
– FlashLite and external applications
– Integration between Flashlite and C++

This event will be totally FREE and so interesting viewing the speakers!
For more information take a look at the event site

Adobe Creative Suite 3

Actionscript.it organize a new elearning for the presentation of the new Adobe Suite.
The lesson will begin on 28 March at 12.30 AM, the duration is 2 hour, when we will present the new Adobe products.

The relators are: Giorgio Natili, Ivan Zambanello and Luca Mezzalira

The e-learning is totally free, to join in, subscribe in actionscript.it site.

Video 2.0

logo video 2.0
On25 April in Rome, actionscript.it, italiamac.it and finalcutstudio.it will prepare a great and interesting event on Video.
The three big community will explain how to create a video process to delivery our creation from web to mobile phone.

The partecipation is totally free and the event will starts at 9 AM in Rome (Italy), if you want to come, for more information or for registration you can find more from this link