Android development with Flash Platform (FREE SEMINAR)

First of all a big thank you to Padova Java User Group that give me an opportunity to speak in the end of September in a JUG meeting.
My speech will cover Android development with Flash Platform, so I share my mobile experience and I’ll talk about those main topics:

  1. UI design for mobile device
  2. Working with Flash Platform to create mobile content
  3. Actionscript 3 overview
  4. tips & tricks on mobile development
  5. testing on device

Seminar will take part in Padova in the end of September, you can take a look at the program directly from JUG event site.
It will be totally FREE but I suggest to register yourself very soon because venue isn’t so big.

For any questions feel free to contact me directly or leave a comment here.

Finally, in November I’ll be speaker at WebTechCon in Milan, I’ll talk about AS3 design patterns and Multiscreen development with Flash Platform so if you want to know more about this event take a look at WebTechCon official site.


Merapi project: a bridge between AIR and Java

From Rich Tretola blog I read an interesting news about a new project called Merapi that it will be a bridge between AIR and Java.

I think it’s an interesting project and they are searching alpha tester for now, so take a look at the project site and submit yourself!

Merapi team is amazing: Adam Flater, Dave Meeker, Juan Sanchez, Andrew Powell, Rich Tretola, Rhazes Spell and Alex MacCaw.

To take a look at this great solution see Merapi video page.
Have a great work guys.