Merapi project: a bridge between AIR and Java

From Rich Tretola blog I read an interesting news about a new project called Merapi that it will be a bridge between AIR and Java.

I think it’s an interesting project and they are searching alpha tester for now, so take a look at the project site and submit yourself!

Merapi team is amazing: Adam Flater, Dave Meeker, Juan Sanchez, Andrew Powell, Rich Tretola, Rhazes Spell and Alex MacCaw.

To take a look at this great solution see Merapi video page.
Have a great work guys. 


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One thought on “Merapi project: a bridge between AIR and Java”

  1. I tried to register for downloading Merapi, but it apparently needs authorization and I havent received any mail so far about approving my registration request. Any idea how I get the merapi to try out?

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