first day at 360Flex impressions…

It’s just finished this long day, I slept 2 hours to finish my preso and samples, I hope that people enjoy my Flex BitmapData session!
I’ll put preso and samples in the next few days in this blog, so take a look everyday guys!

There weren’t a lots of people at 360Flex, but I met a lots of strong developers for all over the world, there were great share moments and all speakers help toghether to make a better session ( I love so much this atmosphere).
I’m so glad that a lots of italian developers and companies are lost this cool appointment to know better Flex and AIR technologies!

In fact you could talk with Adobe people (Evangelist, marketing people and so on) and with cool speakers that help you to understand better the power of flash platform! I hope tomorrow I can see more people here!
This evening all speakers go out with Adobe people to have dinner and to know us better and talk about Adobe softwares and strategies, that’s cool!

I’ll put also new event photos in my Flickr account, so please take a look sometimes!


You can download my preso and my samples NOW!


Tomorrow, 360Flex Europe starts!

OK, it’s coming… tomorrow start 360Flex Europe!

I’m so excite to take part on this big event, now I’m waiting my friends Piergiorgio and Marco (others 360Flex speakers) and at 2PM we drive to Milan to meet other speakers and Tom and John!!!
Tomorrow I’ll have my seminar on Flex BitmapData, I hope that it will be ok.
In next few days I’ll describe event atmosphere in this blog, so stay tuned guys!