Directly from Barcelona: MWC 2010 impressions

I’m here in Barcelona at 3GSM world congress, crisis is arrived here too.
There isn’t Nokia stand, only few evening party, there are less people than last previous editions so really, I hope that 2010 could be a new year with new opportunity for everyone because this is NOT the mobile world congress and this is NOT a good scenario to see.

Come back home and start to talk about Adobe news… first of all, my favorite one: Adobe AIR 2 on mobile!

Yes finally is arrived or better, finally I’ve seen it! We really don’t know when will be released we only know that it runs on Android, probably on NVIDA Tegra II, probably on Symbian devices and for sure on Blackberry; so a new market opportunity will be open with Blackberry adoption.
And WIN mobile?! They said to wait 2/3 weeks and there will be a press release about that, meanwhile I see Window phone 7 and it looks nice, not bad but I’m interesting to know how will be integrated with Flash Platform.

Flash Player 10.1 on mobile devices will implement AVM 1 and AVM 2 so probably there will be retro-compatibility  with Flash Lite contents, I say probably because I’d like to test it before to say: “YES It’s alive!!!”.
But I’m sure that AS3 contents will run so well if they will be optimize for mobile; I’m scared that AS3 developers approach this new opportunity like Flash Lite one where everybody know AS2 was automatically a Flash Lite developer, but believe me it’s not the same thing also with Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2 on mobile.

Both mobile technologies will be the same of desktop one so we don’t lost any API and it’s great announcement, finally could we start to work in a real platform experience!? I think so!

And Flash Lite?! So now we have a new versione Flash Lite 4 that you’ll can use with Actionscript 3 and will be distributed on S40 and low powerful devices.

I asked also about distribution and probably we will find FP 10.1 and AIR 2 directly with a firmware upgrade of own phone; for now we don’t know there will be OTA distribution also.

So finally, I see great Adobe technologies… but for the future, because when will be release there will be more time to wait to have a great distribution so if you think that will solve all your mobile problems, I think that you’ll wait few months again.

Today is my last day here, I’ll try to grab more information about those news and if you go to FITC in Amsterdam next week, see you there mate!


Flash, Flex and SEO

During the flight from Philadelphia to Los Angeles I read a book that I wait for long time and finally arrive a couple of months ago but I’ve never started to read before.

The book is Search Engine Optimization for Flash by Todd Perkins, the first that talks about this argument and also about how to make your Flex RIA searchable from spiaders, so I was so exciting before start to read.

My final impression is that you don’t need to read this book if you are a developer because there aren’t new things to do…
I can resume the book in those few best practices:

  • Use SWFObject because make your SWF file more easy to read for spiders
  • Use SWFAddress or URLKit to rewrite url of your page but it’s useful only for RIA or site usability, not for SEO because HTML is the same for all pages, change only the page url.
  • Avoid to develop a full flash site if you are interested to indexing your project
  • Remember to “talk” with spiders via META tag in HTML page
  • One of most important thing is to make a relevant title of your HTML page
  • With FP 10 you don’t make anything to indexing your contents (dynamic or static text) because spider navigate trough SWF file to retrieve informations
  • Remember that you can set XMP file for your Flash project but until now, search engines don’t use those informations

I think that’s all, I hope to find more about how can create searchable content with Flash (there is a good PDF file in adobe website) but I think that there is no way.
We are only at the beginning of a big mountain and I hope that Adobe starts to make something new in next few months… maybe at MAX 2009 also, but I really don’t know.

Adobe MAX: first day!

First day at Max is amazing!
In general session Adobe presents Flash Player 10 with a lots of cool features like text API implementation, 3D API implementation and new Filters API for new runtime effects.

New DevCenter area in Adobe site is well organized and so easy to search articles or tutorials about our favourite technology.

They present also great AIR application and with a lots of cool features, in fact they release in new AIR BETA version, AIR ROCKS!

Seminars are so interesting, this year there is a big interesting on Flex and AIR and a lots seminars too on those technologies.