Daniel Dura and TwitterCamp

Daniel Dura has publish in his blog code and .air of his twitter app with Apollo that He developed for Apollo Camp.
Daniel begin his description:

“TwitterCamp is a desktop application that allows you to monitor tweets from your friends using the popular Twitter service. The application was built for the ApolloCamp mini-conference and uses the recently released Apollo runtime alpha and Twitter API. The application is especially suited for running on large displays such as plasmas, LCDs, and projectors at conferences. It is simple to customize the interface so that you can use the application for your conference.”

For more information and downloads source file enter in his site


Apollo and FTP…

Today I develop my first serious Apollo app, it reads data from an external local file and, with a Flex interface, it can change data and save it in the same document.

So interesting is how Apollo change the file, when I save it with a new string create with a Flex interface, Apollo deletes old content and saves only the new string.
For me is so strange because I come from Zinc and the scripts was so different…

Apollo ROCKS!

Now I’d like to send the file in a server without use a server side script, but I can’t find anything about direct connection from Apollo to FTP.

I’ll study a solution and I’ll give you my experience when I’ll solve the problem

first Apollo Book!

I’ve just found a blog that talk about the first Apollo Book!

The description on Amazon.com says:
“Wrox’s Professional Apollo will be the core guide for building Apollo applications. The authors for this book have been carefully selected to represent each key aspect of existing web development and translate those languages, architectures and frameworks into successful strategies for desktop application development with Apollo.”

It will ship on September 2007, but now we can pre order this item! 😉