first Apollo Book!

I’ve just found a blog that talk about the first Apollo Book!

The description on says:
“Wrox’s Professional Apollo will be the core guide for building Apollo applications. The authors for this book have been carefully selected to represent each key aspect of existing web development and translate those languages, architectures and frameworks into successful strategies for desktop application development with Apollo.”

It will ship on September 2007, but now we can pre order this item! 😉

Poste Italiane is the first virtual mobile operator in Italy

Poste italiane in the next week will become the first italian virtual mobile operator.
In fact, it signs a contract with Vodafone for the networks and it starts with some free service to have new customers.

Next week there will be the meeting before starts the service…we’ll wait news on it.

Connecting Wii controller to Mac

I begin to study the connection from Wii controller and Mac OS X; the system views the controller but with Bluetooth assistance software, Wii controller can’t works with OS X because the assistance doesn’t accept the hardware.

So I’ll try with Windows (with Parallels and with a PC) to connect the Wii controller, but I think there aren’t troubles with the connection, in fact, I find a wonderfull tutorial on it. organize an event on Greece the italian Mobile and Device User Group organize on 25th April a great meeting on C++ and Flash Lite.

The seminar outline will be:
– Introduction to Symbian C++
– Major differences to classic C++ development
– Brief introduction to FlashLite
– FlashLite and the network
– FlashLite and external applications
– Integration between Flashlite and C++

This event will be totally FREE and so interesting viewing the speakers!
For more information take a look at the event site