Working with Tween in Flash Lite

In last months my team and I are working on Flash Lite projects so hard, in particular with Tween class we found a good way to work with them.
Also Adobe has released in last weeks a new interesting resource: Mobile and Devices cookbook, for now it’s only online, I hope soon it will be also published by O’Really!

So I’ve just post in this great online resource some suggestions to work with Tween in a Flash Lite project.
I think the most important is the third one:

3. When you move a movieclip that contains lots of textfields or clips, switch movie quality to low (fscommand2(“SetQuality”, “low”)) and, when animation is finish turn quality to high (fscommand2(“SetQuality”, “high”)).
With this trick you can have great performance for your animations

In fact I tried to use always high qualit and performance was not good, when I tried to set low quality before a Tween and switch to high when it finished, performance grown until to 50% instead of first method.

If you want try this you have got a Flash Lite 2.x device and download the sample file.
I put a comment in the code, first of all, try to comment the right code line and then try without it.
Please leave me other suggestions or comments on this post or write me directly.