new ribbit API Beta 2

Ribbit team has just released new API (BETA 2) with new features and better performance!

In Ribbit blog, Mr. Freedman said:
“- There are more than 30 new methods and events, as well as significant changes for improving existing methods. Methods for loading messages have been modified and now support a more sophisticated ‘tagging’ model. Virtually none of the calling methods and events have been changed.
– Key performance enhancements include firewall compatibility, better voice performance and improved calling stability. There is a new set of methods for managing account information through the API, including recording and saving your Voicemail greeting, changing password and uploading a user photo.”

And also:
“- New features on the developer site, to be announced later this week, will include the ability to share your Ribbit applications and projects with other developers. Developers, especially those coding apps for the contest, will benefit from having others in the community evaluate and give feedback on their ongoing projects.”

When I tried it I was shock for the performance but if they come better…WOW, what amazing tool!
For now Europe developers could only try it with skype or with others developers that are involved in this project… I want Europe calls, please!
I suggest to take a look at this project if you haven’t done it yet.