@PyCon with Flex and AIR

Here we are! My first conference of the year is PyCon 3 in Florence from 8th to 10th May.
This is THE PYTHON conference in Italy, there will be very cool and strong developers of the Python world from all over the world.

In this edition I propose a session about Python, Flex and AIR on how to integrate those technologies all together.
I think could be very interesting for Pyhton developers approach this RIA world and find a new way to create an amazing GUI with Flex and AIR.
It will be my first time there and I start to study Python only on January, so I’m very happy to take part on this event.

If you’d like to come, please feel free to tell me and add a comment on this post!
See you there guys.

I make a post about PyCon 3, in few days I’ll put conference photos on my Flickr account, stay tuned!