Japan college courses on mobile

I love so much japanese people, they use technologies like no others!

Today on engadgetmobile.com I find an interesting post where in Japan they start with a new way to lear with mobile phones.
That’s is so interesting because next generations use technologies very well, they are born with mobile phones!
So I think that’s right change communication ways and learn ways.

When I went to FotB, I saw an interesting seminar made by Richard Legget that talks about how our life will change in next years, and I think that technologies revolution start NOW.
If you see what you could create with Adobe softwares, what opportunities give us new future softwares… that’s amazing!
We must start to educate better people on this revolution to help old generation to catch the best opportunities that a mobile phone, a computer a device give us to have a better life.

My 2 cents.