How to switch from Actionscript 2 to Actionscript 3… in September for FREE in Milan and Rome

During September I’ll take part of Arrivano i Guru Tour, an Italian event that allow designers, developers and photographers to learn new stuff for FREE about Adobe technologies!
In fact, the event starts in September until to the end of October and you can see it in 10 differents Italian cities.

In the last event you can find a special guest… Katrine Eismann, on of the most important person in creative digital retouch world!
I decide to talk about a big problem for a lot of developers: How to switch from Actionscript 2 to Actionscript 3 during my sessions in Milan (27th September) and Rome (5ht September).

During my session we can see the power of new AS3 features,  architecture of new Flash Player and differences of both languages.
You can see a real mirror from AS2 scripts to AS3 scripts and how to porting your daily “Actionscript life” to a new step: more interesting and powerful!

If you’d like to have more information take a look at the site or feel free to contact me leaving a message on my blog or dropping me an email.

I hope to see you during this event and remember that is a great opportunity to learn more and for FREE!

See ya!


Let’s tour is (quite) ready

Yes guys, we are coming!!!

5 italian cities, an half day totally FREE with 6 shoots of 30 minutes each one, 3 teachers, a lots of technologies to show you (Flex, AIR, Flash LIte, Photoshop, Illustrator, PHP, PDF) that work together to create a final and amazing product workflow… that’s the Let’s TOUR!

Thomas Baggio, Tiziano Fruet and me will drive trough Italy (Florence, Milan, Turin, Verona and Padua) to make this show in the beginning of July, you can’t miss it!

Feel free to register yourself at the event and see you there guys!