Flash Platform, automotive and industrial marketplace

During my last 6 months I take part in a couple of projects that are focused on Flash Platform and “unconventional devices”.
It seems strange, I know, but what I mean with the term “unconventional devices” ?

I mean that I use Flash Platform on embedded system with the purpose to create interface of industrial machine and automotive world.
Solutions based on Flex and AIR have great success for final customer, in particular because client has a great GUI with a cool user experience and he doesn’t lost any features with the hardware.
In fact we mix a couple of technologies to create those software like Python and C++.
Those tehcnologies make dirty work for us and via Socket or JSON, depends on traffic data, we make a bridge with Flex or AIR.
Performance are very cool, CPU processors move from 45% to 70%, optimization task take a great part of our time.

It was so interesting try for the first time AIR 1.5 on linux OS, we use Gentoo and Ubuntu too and I think they are very strong OS in particular development like this one.
Many people was really shocked in front of powerful of Flash Platform GUI from others developers to our clients, they can find from GPS integration until to a VOIP module made with Ribbit, from a wizard that guide user to interact with industrial machine to customization of GUI at runtime; everything in the same application that doesn’t run in a computer! Really awesome!

I saw during MAX that others companies are moving first steps trough automotive world but with Flash Lite, I think that an Intel ATOM processor has more potential and it’s so cheap for industrial market, when will be release new ARM processors (I think ARM 9…), that will be more powerful and cheap too, and Flash Player 10.1 or AIR 2.0 will have more opportunity to approach new marketplaces and also gives to many people great and easy user interface to work with.

Today Adobe releases in Adobe Labs Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2.0 public beta, it’s a first steps to new opportunity for Flash Platform developers, many devices implements Flash Player and in future I think there will be many more.
So I’d like in a future, to find many “unconventional devices” with a Flash GUI because NOW we could make the history with those technologies.