Nimbuzz, mobile software

Surfing on web, I found Nimbuzz a mobile software to manage your IM accounts and add into new mobile community.
It’s a J2ME software and they have made porting for a lots of devices, it’s so easy to use and it has a very good user interface.

I think that is a very cool project and it’s totally FREE, I’ll follow it to understand better the way that it brings.
There are also a lots of vacant positions in this company, take a look at About page to see them.

So if you want to add me, search lucamezzalira in nimbuzz world, see around guys!


Ribbit phone contest, don’t miss it!

We are in Xmas time and a new gift made by Ribbit team is under our tree!

Ribbit is name of new project that give us the ability to make and receive calls or messages (and more!) with new API for flex and air projects, so the team announces a new flex and air contest with big prizes like $2.500 (first prize).

In Ribbit site you can find more information about challenge:
Build the best Personal Ribbit Phone Application for either the web (Flex) or Desktop (AIR). Similar to Joe Johnston’s award-winning AIR iPhone (now considered the most downloaded AIR app to date), your personal Ribbit Phone will provide an incredible and creative experience for someone to use and enjoy Ribbit services, primarily making and receiving phone calls. “

Take a look at Ribbit blog and good luck guys! 

First images of Zinc 3.0

Zinc 3.0 codename Pandora will be release at Q1 of 2008, but now you can see first images for Macintosh and Windows directly from Jaspal Sohal blog.  You can also try to enter in Candidate BETA program if you are registered in multidmedia.comIn fact they said:“The Public Beta will be a Release Candidate Build with all functionality that will be in the final release. Registered Users will have an opportunity to download the Public Beta and test it over the Holiday period. The Zinc™ 3.0 Public Beta will be available for both Windows and Mac OSX.”