Moving to LiveCycle Collaboration Service

We saw an year ago during San Francisco MAX a great project called COCOMO that allowed developers to take all features in Acrobat Connect (chat, webcam and audio streaming…) and to add in your Flex application with few lines of codes and with this “library” pre-built very easy to use.

This year at MAX in L.A. I followed a very interesting seminar about LiveCycle Collaboration Service (LCCS) that is the final name of the project COCOMO.
LCCS is very interesting for many reasons:

  • easy to use
  • very cheap service
  • very well documented
  • customizable and integrable with own desktop application or RIA made with Flex
  • open new opportunities for customer care solutions and other kind of applications


Yes, you can create your application with LCCS integrated with few lines of code. An example?
This is a little conference call environment:

<mx:Application xmlns:mx="" backgroundColor="0xFFFFFF"
minWidth="400" minHeight="600" xmlns:rtc="AfcsNameSpace">
protected function startTalk():void{
protected function stopTalk():void
<rtc:ConnectSessionContainer id="cSession"
<rtc:AdobeHSAuthenticator userName="***********" password="************"/>
<mx:VBox width="100%" height="100%" horizontalAlign="center">
<rtc:WebCamera width="320" height="240"/>
<mx:HBox width="100%" horizontalCenter="center">
<rtc:AudioPublisher id="pubAudio"/>
<mx:Button label="talk" click="startTalk()"/>
<mx:Button label="stop talk" click="stopTalk()"/>
<mx:List dataProvider="{cSession.userManager.userCollection}"
labelField="displayName" width="100%"/>

That’s cool, isn’t it?
You can download the sample from this link.


How much does it cost!? this is the question!
It’s cheap, LCCS is totally free you can download LCCS from Adobe site; like developer you have $15  per month to use for your test, applications and so on.
This is the LCCS “menu”1:

  • 1000 push/messages:  $0.10
  • 1GB live streaming: $0.49
  • user per hours: $0.01

No any additional cost and you don’t maintain anything because you use Adobe servers with LCCS.


When you download SDK you have an AIR application that guide you to use LCCS in your Flex application, you can retrieve there API, SWC for Flex and Flash, you can manage your room and your account so you have a real console for your LCCS applications.


LCCS components could be integrable with your application, so you can create an intranet dashboard with a chat or a VOIP service to communicate with others fellows or maybe you can create an interactive catalogue that help users to choose right product for own requirements.
But not only, you can create collaborative solutions with a shared whiteboard and list of users that could chat or share own ideas via VOIP.
I think that a lots of desktop applications and RIAs could become more interesting with those services and also, if you think, there are many opportunities for your business.

Finally, I think that LCCS could help all developers to make own application more fashionable and useful, but also open new doors for services that are so old.
It’s easy, it’s cheap so why don’t use LCCS?! With my company we start to propose LCCS to our customers and they are so interesting about this technology because it solves some problems in particular


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luca mezzalira

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