26 thoughts on “Parsing RSS 1.0, 2.0 and Atom feeds with Actionscript 3 and Flash CS4”

  1. Will this work with CS3? I have been trying various things for days to get this to work from various downloads on the web. You state that you are using CS4. I don’t feel like going through hoops again doing work just to find out it won’t work. Been banging my head for awhile on this. Did you backsave to CS3. CS3 supports AS3. No offense meant by this post, and thanks for sharing.

  2. BEWARE of the link if you have CS3, you will waste your time downloading the files above.

    Yep. Like everywhere else on the web if someone uses CS4 they almost never back-save their files so it limits people that can open files. Also, I didn’t see the AS3 files in the package, just the .fla so there is no way for anyone to open or try this link with a version OTHER THAN CS4.

    I don’t get it. For years, I have always back-saved files in numerous applications so that people can open things. It’s the basics of computing. I realize you are sharing these files out of the kindness of your heart, but realize that people don’t necessarily have the exact Operating System, software versions, fonts, browsers, etc…. So, they spend their time reading your posts, downloading your links and reading documentation only to strike out opening the file(s). There were two things that would make this download a lot more friendly to a lot of Flash users. Backsave to CS3 and include the raw AS3 file in the zip directory. This will give options if they can’t open “YOUR” version of the “.fla” file.

    I’m making this post to save time for other people using CS3. Until the blogger decides to post an update to the link, don’t bother trying these files.

    1. I don’t think there’s anything incompatible with CS3. I have backsaved the file(s) if you still want this. My own complaint is that the parser only shows the item titles. This could be because it was based on Mike Chambers’s Flex package which does the same. Anyway, I’d appreciate it if I could get the complete parsing code.

  3. OK, I have uploaded the backsaved CS3 version of this. Go get it:


    I changed the security settings (in Publish Settings) to ‘access network only’ and replaced the feed with a friend’s blog. Otherwise it is the same as the author’s original.

    Note that it does not output to an RSS/Atom reader: it just loops through the items and shows the titles in trace statements! This is because it is adapted from the Mike Chambers Flex package, as the author notes above. Somebody please expand this into a real Atom reader with full items!

  4. THANK YOU! Saved me hours and hours and hours of puzzling how to use the libraries in Flash CS4… I really appreciate the sharing…

  5. What I mean is parsing out the thumbnail via <media:thumbnail… tag found in atom feeds.
    Am trying to have a flash app show the thumbnail, title, date, author and display on my homepage. I can get all but not thumbnail.
    thanks in advance for any insight.

  6. Please can you post a link to the CS4 implementation for flash?.. The link doesn’t seem to work anymore. I appreciate your work on this! I’m trying to implement RSS feed into flash and this looks promising..

  7. Thanks for the rss help. I’ve got everything working just fine, but when I upload all of the files to my server, and launch the website, the rss feed doesn’t work. I’ve debugged it to know that the rss.xml file I’m drawing from isn’t completing it’s loading process. Any ideas?

  8. Hello, this might be a duplicate comment…

    I’ve gotten all of this to work nicely locally, but can’t seem to get the reader to work once I have it copied up to my server. It doesn’t seem to get into the “getNews” function. Any thoughts?


    1. My thought is that I’m not importing properly the library you created. copied the “com” and the “docsATOM” folders to the root of my server. Originally I left the import paths the same as your template file…but I’m not certain if that’s the problem. i figured since the “com” folder and the swf file were in the same root directory, that path would be local.

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