I become Adobe Certified Expert on Flex 3 with AIR, I suggest how to prepare the exam

Today I become ACE on Flex 3 with AIR… I’m so happy!!!
I’d like to suggest some stuff, to prepare Flex 3 ACE exam to help other developers that would try this… experience.

First of all download ACE PDF file where you can find exam outlines on adobe.com site.

Then start you preparation reading Flex 3: Training from the source, the official Adobe press book, I know that it could be so easy for advanced developers but you can find interesting stuff that go in deep about particular arguments.

Another PERFECT resources are Adobe documentations that explain very well and very easily how to use Flex and Adobe AIR API, in particular for AIR the best official stuff is Adobe livedocs.
I suggest to take also others books about AIR because you must remember a lots of things for the exam, so take a look at amazon.com 

Work Work and Work again with Flex! Find little or big projects, it’s not important but you can work in real problem solving issue. Also it’s so important to fix many concepts about how to work with modules, components and so on.

When I was at San Francisco MAX I went to Blaze DS and LiveCycle pre-event and it was very helpful for my preparation because LCDS is a part of exam and I’ve never take in consideration before this learning session, so I think you can take a course about LCDS in your country or town.

When you finish with all those steps you are ready to take the exam and maybe to pass it!

Feel free to comment this post with any questions.


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luca mezzalira

Being associated with the industry since 2004, I have lent my expertise predominantly in the solution architecture field. I have gained accolades for revolutionising the scalability of frontend architectures with micro-frontends, from increasing the efficiency of workflows, to delivering quality in products. My colleagues know me as an excellent communicator who believes in using an interactive approach for understanding and solving problems of varied scopes. I helped DAZN becoming a global streaming platform in just 5 years, now as Principal Architect at AWS, I'm helping our customers in the media and entertainment space to deliver cost-effective and scalable cloud solutions. Moreover, I'm sharing with the community the best practices to develop cloud-native architectures solving technical and organizational challenges. My core industry knowledge has been instrumental in resolving complex architectural and integration challenges. Working within the scopes of a plethora of technical roles such as tech lead, solutions architect and CTO, I have developed a precise understanding of various technicalities which has helped me in maximizing value of my company and products in my current leadership roles.

24 thoughts on “I become Adobe Certified Expert on Flex 3 with AIR, I suggest how to prepare the exam”

  1. Bravo!
    Can you tell me how much time you need to prepare the certification or it’s not quantifiable?
    Does the certif cover every Flex Air topics? In other words how many questions do you answer?

    1. you must study hard to make this certification because they could ask anything about Flex Framework and AIR API so I suggest to work a lots on those technologies and then study last things on books.
      My 2 cents

  2. Hi Luca,

    can you suggest me a methodology to rich the ACE for Flex3?
    And where are Adobe certified centers in Italy?

    Thanks in advance

    Regards Lorenzo

  3. Thanks for the reply..

    an other question for you?

    when can i say about flex and air applications?

    from my knowledge i understood that flex is a suite and with it i can create web or desktop app. In the first case web app runs through the flash player of a simple browser, in the second case desktop app runs through the air runtime library. Is it correct? Desktop app and web app use the same flex library? is it correct?



  4. Flex Builder is an IDE, with this software you can work with Flex SDK and create Rich Internet Applications that you can deliver via web.
    In last release you can create desktop apps also that live in Adobe Integrated Runtime, to work with AIR you must use other packages and not only flex framework

  5. hi thank you for the information,and please give some sample to prepare for certificate its so useful for me to get into that

  6. I passed the ACE “Adobe Certified Expert” Flex 3 with AIR exam April 18, 2009.

    Passing score: 67%
    My score: 74%

    Section Results:
    Creating a User Interface: 90%
    Flex system architecture and design: 77%
    Programming Flex applications with ActionScript: 83%
    Interacting with data sources and servers: 25%
    Using Flex in the Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR): 80%

    The test was tough, but about the same as the Flex 2 ACE exam I passed last year in April.

    I’m very excited to have passed this exam!

  7. You are the man . Could you please let me know what did you read for AIR and LCDS ?

    Thanks for your help

  8. Sorry to ask this . From where you got the book “Flex 3: Training from the source” . Currently it is not available in India . To ship from US it is costing more . Can I buy anywhere the PDF version of this book ? I searched internet but didn’t get the PDF version .


  9. I am new to flex and still I want to do this certification Adobe flex 3 air….I already got this book – Adobe Flex 3: Training from the Source (Paperback)..which book should i used for ‘air’..
    thanks in advnace

  10. Hi,
    im a very new bee to flex bt want to master in it.
    so plz mail me any materials u prefer for d beginners.ll b v thankful if u do me the needful..
    Thanks in advance..

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