Flex 4 (Gumbo) and states

Surfing on web I read Ted’s blog that talk about new feature of Flex 4 (codename Gumbo) about states!
So I take a look at opensource.adobe.com page that talks about this new feature… very cool!

Adobe creates a very simple way to add, remove, show and hide components in a Flex application with a new attributes: includeIn and excludeFrom.

In few code rows you can include or remove Flex components:

<!-- Given the states A,B,C -->
    <m:State name="A"/>
    <m:State name="B"/>
    <m:State name="C"/>

<!-- This button will appear in only states A and B -->
<Button label="Click Me" includeIn="A, B"/>

<!-- This button will appear in states A and B --> 
<Button label="Button C" excludeFrom="C"/>

If you have a couple of minutes, please read about Flex 4 states, it’s so interesting!


Very cool way to do this! I think that Flex 4 will become the BEST solution to make RIA and desktop application (with AIR obviusly) in IT market!

3 thoughts on “Flex 4 (Gumbo) and states

  1. Hi Luca,

    states represent a subtle but important difference between a website (a collection of pages) and a web application (a collection of states) so I really appreciate that Adobe will give states the opportunity to become something more useful and usable in the nearest future.

    Regards, Alessandro

  2. Yes, I belive this will solve a few problems we face with states in Flex 3.

    I do disagree with you on Flex 4 _will_become_ the BEST solution to make RIA.

    FLEX has _always_ been the BEST!

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