Flex Builder compile Flash Lite projects, is it a dream?

Today was last day at 360Flex Europe, I spent great time there!

Talking with 2 Flex team guys, they said to us that if you’d like some new features in Flex 4, only make a feature request to Adobe jira system.
So I said: “One of the most cool feature that you could implement in next version of Flex Builder, it could be to compile Flash Lite projects and maybe Flex Builder could interact with Device Central.” They said me: “It’s first time that ask me this implementation“.

So I make a feature request for next version of Flex Builder, I think it could be so interesting working with Flex IDE and when I compile a Flash Lite project open directly into Device Central.
What do you think about it? If you’d like this feature too, vote please!

Make comments and we could create a great discussion about it.


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12 thoughts on “Flex Builder compile Flash Lite projects, is it a dream?”

  1. This came up at 360|Flex Atlanta during Deepa’s session, but more about a Flex Lite. Matt Chotin chimed in and said there’s been talks, but nothing definite. One potential option that was talked about was the ability to choose versions of the framework, from light weight to full featured, or roll your own.

  2. Being that Flex is AS3 based and requires a huge framework for the UI components etc, how do you realistically see using Flex Builder to generate content for flash lite devices?

    Even flash lite 3 is based on AS2 and does not support all of the Flash 8 classes, let alone Flash 9 or 10 (which is what the Flash IDE/player will be up to when Flex 4 is released)

    Also, currently due to the low processing power of the mobile devices you have to do things like use onEnterFrame to check when a simple single component has initalised. Can you imagine how long it would take to process the Flex framework / components?

    I think the reason no one has asked for it, is that currently it is just not a realistic option for developing mobile content.

    That being said, when the QVM (tamarin-tracing) implementation gets going, it might be a different story…

    more on QVM here:

  3. @Aran I’m not totally agree with you.
    Yes I know that in a future we could work with AIR mobile and Actionscript 3, but I think that Flex Builder is very cool IDE for developers and if Adobe allow us code with it on Flash Lite, a developer could use only this software to work on all projects.
    my 2 cents

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  5. Sure that it’s great for Flex to generate flash lite though I believe that Flash 10 is the standard in coming future. There are so many mobile still running Lite 2.0 or 3.0.
    My way is to write the program by using Flash CS and compile into different versions. However, after I use FLEX, I love it so much. It’s much efficiency especially most of my code is not about graphic and animation, but a lot of complicated logic.

    In short, I vote for it.

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