360 Flex Atlanta mobile application

Today 360|Flex starts in Atlanta, if you are an attendee or a speaker I make the “official” 360 flex mobile application in Flash Lite 2.

In this app you can find 3 sections:

  • speakers
  • schedule
  • twitter

In the last section (twitter) you can read last post in your twitter and write one in your account.
I use SWX API to create this mesh up, very cool API made by Aral Balkan (thank you man!) that allow to make mesh up of twitter, flickr and so on.

Download zip file and put swf and XML files in your Flash Lite 2 phone….Enjoy!

Obviusly you can have one for Europe event… stay tuned!


I must say THANK YOU to chall3ng3r that made for me .sis files with SWF2GO, his software that allow to create file for S60 phones.
Thank you man!
Now you can download also .sis file for S60 3rd edition and 2nd edition

13 thoughts on “360 Flex Atlanta mobile application

  1. Thank you to all guys! I appreciate too much! if you have any suggestions, please send me an email at luca [at] mart3 [.] org and I hope to add new features for 360 Flex Europe event 🙂

  2. YOU “CAPPELLATED” (the correct translation is “have mistaken”)!:D
    I installed 360 on my pretty new n95…ran it and:
    “25-27 February”…are you ready?…no, not yet 😀

    the whole date time is synchronized to current date…the schedule too!

    let’s see next release 😀

    anyway…respect big luke 😀

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