Little tricks to rotate images in Flex

My last project is an Image manipulator made with Flex and AIR, so I guide a user to manipulate (rotation, resizing…) an image, choosen from own computer, with a wizard.
When I was at Rotation step, I said: “and now?!”.

Infact if you use rotation property of an Image component it rotates in 0,0, but there is a little trick to rotate an image or component with origin in the middle.
If you use Rotate effect, you can decide which is the origin point, so if you write:

var rotEff:Rotate = new Rotate();
//img is the ID of Image component in MXML file = img; rotEff.originX = img.width/2; rotEff.originY = img.height/2; rotEff.duration = 1500; rotEff.angleFrom = img.rotation; rotEff.angleTo = img.rotation + 90;;

With those script you can rotate an image or component in the middle.
That’s a little trick!


17 thoughts on “Little tricks to rotate images in Flex

  1. yah…it’s a trick but it has bugs..
    i am making some effects including rotate effects for my project.. but there’s a bug.
    Although it rotates, the image keeps running anywhere from screen. I don’t know how to solve this.Any ideas?Please help. I used your code. but it does the same with mine…thanks in advance..:)

  2. Hi,
    Would you have another tip about the resize that the rotation seems to involve ?
    I’m building a new component and this is the last issue I’m facing : when the image is rotated inside the component, its size is changed and then, the container is also resized.
    Fixing the w and h of the updateDisplayList() of the container ?

  3. Do I need Flex Builder 4 for this? Or do I need to import any library? For me it’s complianing that the variable type (or , data type) is not found. I am new to Flex (I am actually a low-leve software developer) — today I wrote my first Flex program.

  4. I want to have the following effect –

    I have an image. When i click that image, it should get selected. Once that image gets selected it should have the same rotation effect as that of the rotation effect in MS powerpoint.

    Is it possible in Flex Builder 3?

    Please help me fast. It is urgent.

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