I’m an italian Certified Scrum Master, an Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor on Flash, Flash Lite and Flex with AIR.
I’m co-founer and CTO at Inside a Bit a new company based in Padova and Vicenza that is focused on development of Flash Platform and PHP / Jquery / HTML 5 projects.
For 6 years I was owner of Mart3 | the Flash Platform Company.
We are focused in RIAs, Desktop Applications, Rapid Prototyping, Mobile applications and Embedded systems.

I’m Adobe Italy consultant for Flash Platform since 2008.
In 2011 I became Adobe Community Professional.
In 2013 I became Certified Scrum Master

I write for national and international technical magazines.

I’m speaker for national and international conferences or community events like Flash Camp, Scotch on the Rocks, 360 Flex, Pycon, WhyMCA and so on.

In my spare time I like learn new programming languages and Agile methodologies.
If you want contact me, send an email at: mezzalab@gmail.com

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