organize an event on Greece the italian Mobile and Device User Group organize on 25th April a great meeting on C++ and Flash Lite.

The seminar outline will be:
– Introduction to Symbian C++
– Major differences to classic C++ development
– Brief introduction to FlashLite
– FlashLite and the network
– FlashLite and external applications
– Integration between Flashlite and C++

This event will be totally FREE and so interesting viewing the speakers!
For more information take a look at the event site


Playstation 3 is in shop 3 days before…

Today I read on web some articles that talk about the sell of playstation 3 on MediaWorld and Unieuro in Italy 3 days before the official date.
Sony dissociates from the action of those company…

I think that Playstation 3 is the great console in the market now, but the price and the poor support on games will reduce the sellers in the market…what do you think about?!

I also find the preview of quick start manual of the console in italian, you can download on gamestar.

how to indexing my flash site

Last night I read an article very interesting that talks about indexing a flash site in search engine.
With SWFAddress, a free tool of asual, you can create path for any page in your site.
It use ExternalInterface that is a new feature of Flash 8 and this techniquie is compatible with:

Mozilla Firefox 1+
Internet Explorer 6+
Mozilla 1.8+
Safari 1.3+
Camino 1+
Opera 9.02+
Netscape 8+

More info in SWFAddress webpage

Actionscript 3.0 books

I post the link of an interesting collect of books title that talk about Actionscript 3.0

I read the cookbook and I’m reading Actionscript 3.0 with Design Pattern, the second it’s a great title for people that starts with OOP language and the new actionscript language, but the cookbook describes better how works the new language, two books to buy!

Wii and Flash

I’ve just found an interesting source that I will study in the next week, the Flash API for Nintendo Wii.
I think that the console is an interesting new way to play with a console, I bought it last week and… it’s amazing!

Another interesting resource that I find in my surf on web is, that he had done some tests with Wii and Flash

Stay tuned and I post new particular on Flash and Wii.

Adobe Creative Suite 3 organize a new elearning for the presentation of the new Adobe Suite.
The lesson will begin on 28 March at 12.30 AM, the duration is 2 hour, when we will present the new Adobe products.

The relators are: Giorgio Natili, Ivan Zambanello and Luca Mezzalira

The e-learning is totally free, to join in, subscribe in site.

Video 2.0

logo video 2.0
On25 April in Rome,, and will prepare a great and interesting event on Video.
The three big community will explain how to create a video process to delivery our creation from web to mobile phone.

The partecipation is totally free and the event will starts at 9 AM in Rome (Italy), if you want to come, for more information or for registration you can find more from this link