organize an event on Greece the italian Mobile and Device User Group organize on 25th April a great meeting on C++ and Flash Lite.

The seminar outline will be:
– Introduction to Symbian C++
– Major differences to classic C++ development
– Brief introduction to FlashLite
– FlashLite and the network
– FlashLite and external applications
– Integration between Flashlite and C++

This event will be totally FREE and so interesting viewing the speakers!
For more information take a look at the event site

Adobe Creative Suite 3 organize a new elearning for the presentation of the new Adobe Suite.
The lesson will begin on 28 March at 12.30 AM, the duration is 2 hour, when we will present the new Adobe products.

The relators are: Giorgio Natili, Ivan Zambanello and Luca Mezzalira

The e-learning is totally free, to join in, subscribe in site.

Video 2.0

logo video 2.0
On25 April in Rome,, and will prepare a great and interesting event on Video.
The three big community will explain how to create a video process to delivery our creation from web to mobile phone.

The partecipation is totally free and the event will starts at 9 AM in Rome (Italy), if you want to come, for more information or for registration you can find more from this link