AIR tour, last date in Milan

AIR tour is finished! Last date was in Milan and obviusly was very cool!

Location was pretty nice, great organization, cool food and a lots of stuff (T-shirt is amazing!).
A very friendly atmosphere, Adobe guys made a great overview about AIR from the beginning to final deployment.
I appreciate a lots Serge Jesper and Andrew Shorten‘s session, they talked about how to deploy and sign an AIR application and a great overview about LCDS and Blaze DS.
But my favourite one was Brimelow‘s session, he showed a lots of cool samples and in a very cool and funny way.

This weekend I’ll publish all photos made during the event in my Flickr account


3 thoughts on “AIR tour, last date in Milan

  1. Ciao Luca, peccato che non ti ho visto, ero a Milano anch’io…Sono stato uno dei due fortunati vincitori di Flex Builder 3 Proffessional, che gioia! La giornata è stata fantastica e concordo pienamente con quello che hai detto, specialmente sul fatto che Lee ci abbia fatto anche morire dal ridere.

    Sarò a Milano anche il 23 giugno per l’Actionscript 3 From The Ground Up Tour. Ci sarai?

    Un saluto

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